Correctional Facilities

With the largest prison system in the world, the US employs over 390,000 officers to guard 2 million inmates throughout federal, state, and county-level correctional facilities.

By providing these environments with the most reliable, custom detention hollow metal structures, Titan helps maintain safety for both the guards, inmates, and control during the day-to-day, 24-hour operations.

Mental Health Facilities

Part of providing the highest quality detention hollow metal means accommodating those who need a more comprehensive level of care – such as patients and inmates with severe mental illnesses.

One way Titan serves those occupying mental health facilities is by customizing our high-strength doors with softer finishing options and larger, clear openings to let more natural light into their environment.

Detention Centers

Whether it’s for immigration or local delinquent youth, detention centers serve as short-term holding before trial or sentencing, but that’s not an excuse for their facilities to lack in quality life-safety products.

As a US-based company, Titan delivers all of its high-quality detention hollow metal doors, frames, windows, and other products to detention centers all across the country.