Who We Are

Titan Teamwork

Manufacturing the best life-safety products right here in the US for detention centers, prisons, jails, and mental health facilities is a team effort, with each of our Titan team members bringing their dedication to quality work, top-of-the-line customer service, and 24/7 availability to each project.

This is made possible by working closely with our sister companies — USA Production Parts, Inc and Patriot Tool & Die, LLC.

Through the inter-company JIT program, Titan receives inventory support from USA’s full scope of high-production expertise in roll forming, stamping, welding, and fabrication. At the same time, Patriot supplements Titan’s inventory while also increasing our overall efficiency with machining/tool building, R&D, R&M, and fabrication expertise.

Our unique family of companies works together daily to ensure Titan’s production delivers the highest quality end product to our customers on time, every time!

What We Do

Titan Steel Door provides safety and satisfaction for people living and working in high-security facilities by constructing, delivering, and installing the strongest and most secure detention hollow metal doors, frames, walls, ceilings and windows.