Our Approach

Forging Relationships First

While Titan Steel Door specializes in manufacturing the highest quality detention hollow metal on the market, the true backbone of our business is the honest, long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Through these personal, collaborative connections can we not only deliver the best life-safety products and the best customer experience as well.

At Titan, there’s no such thing as a standardized, mass-produced product. From design to delivery, each detention item is made to order.

Excellence is a Titan Team Effort

Titan Steel Door is a hardworking team of project managers, engineers, welders, and sales reps committed to forging the world’s best life-safety products for detention centers, prisons, jails, and mental health facilities.

Every member of the Titan Team brings their full expertise and outstanding customer service to each project, delivering custom-built products all across the country with 24/7 availability.