Posey County Jail Addition & Renovation

Location: Mount Vernon, Indiana

Completed: Q2 2018

Project Details


Pauly Jail Building Company


136 Doors / 98 Door Frames / 26 Borrowed Lights


SteelCell of North America, Inc.


19 Doors

From 2017 to 2018, Titan manufactured and delivered 136 doors, 98 frames, and 26 borrowed lights to Paul Jail Building Company, as well as 19 doors to SteelCell of North America, Inc. for the Posey County Jail Addition & Renovation.

As Titan’s first project in the industry, we are grateful to Pauly Jail, SteelCell, RQAW Corporation, Gramong Construction, and Sheriff Oeth for bringing us in on this project.

Without this trust, we may never have developed into a market leader in detention hollow metal.